Choosing the Right Wall Siding Materials for Your Home

Your home says a lot about your character. It doesn’t mean you always need to choose expensive materials to exude an aura of quality and sophistication. We now live in a generation that values flexible, accessible, economical, and unique techniques in interior designing and decorating. Since more and more homeowners want to get involved in home improvement projects, the interest for wall siding or cladding materials are increasing. Whether you prefer to install them yourself or hire a contractor to do the job, here are some of the popular types of sidings for home interiors.

Wood Sidings

Wood is everyone’s favourite. Whether for interior or exterior use, it adds natural charm and a warm, inviting atmosphere to any property. Wood is energy efficient and can be easily replaced if some portions are damaged. It can be stained or painted in a variety of colors to suit the style of your home. You can choose between real wood and natural wood veneer. Both are good options, but the latter is easier to install and modify. Choose raw wood siding if you want a material that can be dyed without losing the classic look that only wood can give.

Natural Stone Sidings
Easily, stone is one the most durable construction materials known to man. The look and texture of stone is incomparable. But real, quarried stone is expensive and may not always be accessible. A sensible option is to use the thinner and more lightweight version from Impex stone, which is easily installable. A cheaper alternative is decorative stone veneers to keep the beauty and enduring quality of stone–without breaking the bank. Installation wise, anyone with basic carpentry skills can apply natural stone and stone veneers on their walls.

Decorative Brick Sidings
Like natural stone, brick appeals to many homeowners and professional contractors because of its durable quality. Although it’s impossible to have a perfect cladding material, the downsides of each are easily addressed, thanks to the constant innovation from manufacturers. Decorative brick veneers are now rising in popularity. Its pleasing aesthetics and quick installation features makes it an excellent choice for brick lovers all over the world.

Concrete Sidings
Concrete plank is a cost effective material that replaces popular sidings such as wood and vinyl. It requires little maintenance and is immune to termite and other wood boring insects. Although proper maintenance is essential, there is no need to clean this material constantly. While you need to routinely stain or repaint real wood sidings, a simple washing will keep concrete sidings clean.
Metal Sidings

Metal tiles blend well with either retro or modern styled houses. It also competes with brick in bringing the ultimate industrial look to your homes. Unlike other cladding materials, metal does not rot or mold when exposed to moisture. It’s low maintenance and fade-resistant compared to vinyl. 
Metal is not prone to damages caused by insects and since each panel is cut precisely, there is little to no waste incurred in its production. This eco-friendly product is best installed indoors and in dry climate locations.


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